New Bathing Suit, Who Dis?!

Summer is around the corner and every girl is asking there self where in the world am I supposed to buy an affordable bathing suit?!? With Victoria Secret no longer offering cute affordable bathing suits our options are limited! I know when I am looking online for a new suit its hard to find something in between a $200 suit or something from a sketchy site where the price is so low but so is the quality.

So I decided Pearls & Plaid needed to carry bathing suits!
April 25, 2017 by Caroline Lemley

I Popped The Question!!!

These days it seems like whether you are asking someone out, asking them to prom or asking them to be your BRIDESMAID it has to be a BIG deal! I love a good reason to get my favorite girls together so obviously I took this as an opportunity to have some fun!

I wanted to incorporate Pearls & Plaid into my bridesmaid proposal so I came up with these Bridesmaid boxes!

April 25, 2017 by Caroline Lemley