Modern Calligraphy With Nicole Flagge

$ 70.00

Join us April 16 at 6PM for the best calligraphy class on the shoreline!

Hi! I am Nicole Flagge, artist and calligrapher. The modern calligraphy craze is everywhere you look, so come learn the fundaments of this fancy font in my introduction class! I cover the basics needed to get started on your hand lettering journey, from building upper and lowercase letters, basic letter connections and styling. This interactive class setting gives you the opportunity to have fun and learn a new skill!

So Whats included...

-15 pages of practice worksheets printed on premium paper

-10 sheets of vellum tracing paper and a clipbaord

-Tomorrow Fudenosuke Soft Tip brush pen

-Mirado Matte Black No.2 Sketching Pencil

-Crayola ultra-clean washable marker

-Sharpie oil based pen

-Large Canvas Tote bag to letter on as a class project

-Personalized place setting with your name


Tickets are not refundable.