I Popped The Question!!!

These days it seems like whether you are asking someone out, asking them to prom or asking them to be your BRIDESMAID it has to be a BIG deal! I love a good reason to get my favorite girls together so obviously I took this as an opportunity to have some fun! 

I wanted to incorporate Pearls & Plaid into my bridesmaid proposal so I came up with these Bridesmaid boxes!

I wanted my girls to have all the bachelorette party necessities in a pretty box full of gold confetti! 
The Bridesmaid Box contains...
  1. Bride Squad Tank-Whether your bachelorette party is a day or a week you need your squad to have matching tanks!
  2. Disco Cup- My absolute favorite thing in the box! Who doesn't want to drink their Rosé out of a disco cup with a pink straw! If you would rather sip your bud light out of this cutie no worries, YOU GO GIRL!
  3. Studs- I included these so the girls didn't have to worry about day of jewelry! If you have other plans then they are just a sweet little treat!                  


I wanted to surprise them all so I told them we were going to do a succulent planting party at my favorite florist Marfloral (@marlforal) I couldn't keep a secret so by the time the day came around they all knew exactly why we were going there! It didn't matter though we all had so much fun sipping champagne out of our disco cups and pretending we had a green thumb!!!




April 25, 2017 by Caroline Lemley
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