Around the World in #mypearlsandplaid

It can be frustrating to figure out what to pack for the vacation you’ve been eyeing since you booked your flight, hotel or just mentally booked in your brain. It’s difficult to know what to pack ahead of time and not being able to bring your entire closet with you is a stress factor by itself. That’s exactly why you need to pack light but smart! Packing with basics and versatile options is  K E Y!!!! 

3 Ways To Wear || 8 6 0 ||

 There are just some things that can't be worn together or  at certain occasions. Like wearing stilettos with sweatpants to walk your dog 3 miles or a turtleneck in the middle of  summer. BUT.....Who says you can ONLY wear your || 8 6 0 || hat to a baseball game or the beach?