3 Ways To Wear || 8 6 0 ||

There are some things that shouldn't be worn together or at certain occasions. Like wearing 5" stilettos with sweatpants to walk your dog 3 miles or a turtleneck in the middle of summer. BUT.....Who says you can ONLY wear your || 8 6 0 || hat to a baseball game or the beach? Not us! We think our Anchored American hats are the way to go when you want to rep your hometown while looking put together without even trying! 
Here are 3 quick looks that we think are flirty, yet easy, to put together:

1. The classic Athleisure Look --- This is the look that everyone knows and just accepts as a much needed uniform on those days where you are picking the kids up from school, running to grab last minute items in order to cook dinner, going for a hike with your besties or I guess just the outfit to wear when you actually leave the gym (LOL). All you need are a pair of leggings or athletic shorts, a simple Z SUPPLY tee or tank from our P&P collection, sunnies and a dainty & girly necklace from our new arrivals launch to dress up the dress down!



2. The "I'm Headed To Block Island" (*insert beach of choice*) Look --- Style your #AnchoredAmerican hat with our super comfy jean shorts and a classic v-neck or tank! Add sunnies, a sunscreen stick, a set of sandals from our collection and you're good to go for a pregame cocktail at Ballard's on the beach and then a day of tanning in your 'kini! This is what we call BEST OF BOTH WORLDS so try out the summer go-to when you need an insta worthy outfit, but also a cover up to wear home after a long day of beachin' it!


3. The  "I Have Nothing To Wear" Look --- Okay, we all know we have been there. Rummaging through our closet & drawers, trying on 15 different outfits, circling back to the first one and then screaming out "I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR" yet you have an entire closet filled endlessly... ya, we totally understand and have just the fix to this dilemma. It's what we like to consider the easy simple black (white) dress & romper look! If you have never styled a baseball hat with a little black casual dress yet then you're doing life wrong. This is the best way to style your hat if we're being completely honest. I mean... c'mon, what could be better than wearing one piece of clothing, NO pants and not worrying about finding a shirt that matches?! I don't think anything. Seriously, attempt this look if you are one of those girls that struggles in the morning (or ran out of time to shower) or just overall can't stand wearing pants, it will be your life saver! 

With all of this being said, the good news is that no one can judge you for how you style your new 8 6 0 hat because they will be too distracted and wondering where you got it! Show us how you style your 8 6 0 hat and tag #lovemy860 @pearlsandplaid on instagram! We want to see you wearing your Anchored American gear!


Cheers to hump day, ladies! 🐫 



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