Spanx the Lord for these leggings!

It is finally nearing the end of summer -- some will agree with us and say this is a good thing, while others might be wiping away tears into their bikinis as we speak. At P+P we think summer suncreen rolling into cozy sweatshirt weather is the best, especially because of  *🥁* the new Spanx legging collection we have in store! 
September 16, 2019 by Caroline Sharp

Let's Go! G.N.O.

Every girl needs quality time with her girlfriends when life gets too hectic and she needs to take some R&R for herself! 
Are you meeting up with the girls this weekend? Do you have a G.N.O. planned?! Check out these outfit ideas we put together for  y o u !
July 17, 2019 by Caroline Sharp

Around the World in #mypearlsandplaid

It can be frustrating to figure out what to pack for the vacation you’ve been eyeing since you booked your flight, hotel or just mentally booked in your brain. It’s difficult to know what to pack ahead of time and not being able to bring your entire closet with you is a stress factor by itself. That’s exactly why you need to pack light but smart! Packing with basics and versatile options is  K E Y!!!! 

Red, White & Blue... Pearls & Plaid too!

Here, here for the Red, White & Blue! Time is running out... You need to get your red white and blue together before the 4th! Did you know that 40% of Americans will attend a fireworks display and 61% of Americans will attend a July 4th picnic? 

3 Ways To Wear || 8 6 0 ||

 There are just some things that can't be worn together or  at certain occasions. Like wearing stilettos with sweatpants to walk your dog 3 miles or a turtleneck in the middle of  summer. BUT.....Who says you can ONLY wear your || 8 6 0 || hat to a baseball game or the beach?

Pearls & Plaid's Summer Favorites | TOP 12

Summer is the time of year where you want to relax, make memories and enjoy the sunshine (when the clouds allow)! In order to achieve this sunny state of mind you need the essentials to make those memories and to enjoy the summer weekends in the North East! We put together a list of 12 of our favorite products for the summer...

Sunday scaries? Nope... Wedding guest scaries, BUT we can help!!

Wedding season is here! Like we are officially in it and have been for the last month (ahh!!) This means… we know you are probably scrambling to find something flirty and fun to wear as a guest to your best friends wedding -- because she has too many blood sisters and cousins to be standing by her side...
June 03, 2019 by Caroline Sharp

Say "Yes!" To The Dress & Look Head Over Heels!

 Calling all brides to be! Finding THE dress is one of the most exciting moments of planning a wedding! But I don’t think anyone really realizes that there are a crazy amount of other wedding related events and occasions that you would want to be wearing a stunning white dress...
May 30, 2019 by Caroline Sharp

Welcome to #myPearlsandPlaid

We are so happy you finally found us, we've been waiting for ya!!! #PearlsandPlaid is the voice behind the boutique. We want to bring you the latest trends, some style tips, and maybe even a good laugh...
October 19, 2017 by Caroline Lemley